2024 Lecture Series
  • 4/11/24- Cindy Poulter: Obituaries of Boone County, 6pm
  • 5/16/24- Joshua Sage: History, Mission, and Purpose of the Boone County Conservation District, 6pm
  • 6/20/24- Carol Rowe: Neighborhood Grocery Stores, 6pm
  • 7/25/24- Lynne Rymarz: Zelda Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise... Her Story, 6pm
  • 8/8/24- Christopher Hubbard: Historical Blacksmiths, 6pm
  • 9/12/24- Lorna Collier and Barbara Hazelwood-Miller: Tilli's Story, 6pm
  • 10/10/24- Kathi Kresol: Legends and Myths Along the Rock River, 6pm
  • 11/7/24- Mike Doyle: Boone County's Company "M", 6pm
Lecture Series programs are free to sustaining members, $5 for regular members, and $10 for non-members

Events at The Funderburg House

The Boone County Art Fair: June 9, 2024 11am-4pm